COVID-19 and Exercise at Home

The last fifteen months have extended beyond anyone’s wildest beliefs. Two years ago, none of us could have foreseen the amount of time we would spend at home or even contemplate the idea of being in lockdown. Fast forward to mid-2021 and our lives have changed forever.

For some, the slower pace, fewer social engagements and more family time has been a lovely change to what had been a fast-paced existence. For others, the lack of social engagement, inability to see family and friends and lack of time as an individual away from family has been more trying. We have all been affected by covid in many different ways.

With the changes to the world, the ongoing presence of COVID-19 and the fact that many employers have now changed their policy and are allowing more flexibility to work from home, many of us are exercising more at home than ever before. Being able to squeeze a workout in on your lunch break becomes easier when you don’t have to commute or even change your clothes!

Trying to exercise at home, with children around or limited resources can be tricky, but prioritising it for your physical and emotional health is so important. I am lucky that Pilates is such a great activity to do at home and with limited space or equipment. My online platform was created so that more people could move during these changing times. A little bit of movement each day, being mindful of stepping away from your desk and getting your whole body moving can have such a tremendous impact on your wellbeing.

As we move forward, I hope that more people will continue to workout from home. That we won’t have to trek to a gym and mix with strangers if we don’t want to – that we don’t have to only move if we are at a gym or going to an exercise class – we can do so at home too! In saying that, still make sure you add some fresh air into your day whenever you can as well. Having a break from your house, which is now a house, office and gym, is so important!

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