Postnatal Restore and Return to Exercise Program

There are a number of physical, mental and emotional challenges associated with recovering from childbirth, early motherhood and beyond. From diastasis recti, to tears, prolapses, incontinence, abdominal doming and weakness, exhaustion and many more, we are faced with a lot of changes to our body after giving birth. Of course, this is completely natural, but we don’t always take the care that is needed and treat giving birth as the trauma it really is to the body.

Having suffered from severe postnatal complications, resulting in the need to have a hysterectomy, I endeavoured to study more about what I could and should have done post-birthing my two wonderful babies, to have prevented or better navigate the problems I encountered. I want to help as many women as possible to manage or even avoid the difficulties that I faced, by providing knowledge and safe exercise programs to make you feel strong both mentally and physically.

Our postnatal journey has so many elements to it. In my Postnatal Program, I hope to cover lots of the areas that can help you to feel good. When you join this program you will receive:

This Postnatal Program is designed to strengthen, empower and restore you. Recovering from giving birth is not a short process and your body deserves to be treated with love and careful attention as we progress. I am passionate about helping you find the best you and I can’t wait to work with you.

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