Join me for unlimited Pilates on demand workouts!

Your monthly subscription service gives you unlimited access to a wide range of Pilates workouts and information guides. The workouts cater for those individuals who have never tried Pilates, by offering foundational and introductory sessions to build knowledge, awareness and strength in Pilates exercises. There are also many sessions for those of you with a bit more Pilates experience, with a variety of classes both with and without equipment to strengthen, challenge and mobilise your entire body.

The workouts range from 15 minutes to one hour in length, and most will focus on moving your whole body so you can build strength on the mat and then take those practices into your everyday life. There are sessions for you if you’d like to increase the pace and get the heart rate pumping but also recovery sessions if you are looking for something lighter on a given day. Want to trial some classes before you subscribe? Why not try a 7 day, no obligation, free trial.

Workouts themes include:

  • No equipment: Foundations (to get you started), Introductory (to progress you from foundations), Intermediate (to challenge you from the introductory sessions), plus sessions focusing on Glutes, Abdominals, Planks, Circuits, Recovery and Flexion Free.
  • Equipment: Small Weights, Flexband, Towel, Foam Roller, Mini Stability Ball, Fitness Circle, Mini Loop Band and Sliding Discs.

Currently there are over 40 workouts available for you, plus another 7 videos on Pilates terminology and movement patterns for you to explore. New content is also uploaded regularly, so you will always have a fresh workout to try!